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PCmover Professional

The ONLY Software that Moves Your Applications, Files, and Settings!

    Single License covers 1 pair of PC’s

$59.95 / £41.95 / €47,95
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  • NEW! Auto Connect
  • NEW! Improved Application Processing
  • NEW! Streamlined User Interface
  • NEW! Faster Transfer
  • NEW! USB 3.0 Support
  • User Profile Selectivity
  • Undo Feature
  • PCmover Professional can migrate applications, files, settings and user profiles from an old PC or harddrive, to a new computer.

    PCmover Pro is an excellent tool for individuals with a new home PC, technicians looking to shorten service time, and small to medium size businesses looking for an affordable way to migrate their data to a new computer or upgrade to the latest Operating System.

1 source PC and 1 target PC

– Network Transfers: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or both! Works through a router or network switch!
– PCmover Transfer File: Places all of your data onto 1 file that you unload onto your new PC!
– Laplink USB Cables: Laplink Specific USB 2 or USB 3 cables, plugged into each PC


  1. 1. Install on Both PC’s
  2. 2. Start on old, choose connection method
  3. 3. Customize transfer if you prefer
  4. 4a. Start transfer!
  5. 4b. Unload Transfer File onto new PC

Click here for a video tutorial of this process.

1 target PC and old Hard Drive attached

– Using the Image and Drive Assistant feature
– Hard Drive plugged internally or with enclosure


  1. 1. Install PCmover onto Target PC
  2. 2. Click Advanced Options
  3. 3. Select Image and Drive Assistant
  4. 4. Locate the Windows folder of the connected Hard Drive
  5. 5. Customize transfer or move everything by default!

1 PC, Upgrading to a newer version of Windows

– PCmover Transfer File: Load all of your data into a file, then unload on new OS!
– No external device needed

1 PC, Migrating from one Domain to another

– PCmover Profile Migrator: Nuff said!


  1. 1. Disconnect from Old Domain
  2. 2. Connect to new Domain
  3. 3. Sign In as new user
  4. 4. Install and Run PCmover Pro
  5. 5. Under Advanced Options, click Profile Migrator
  6. 6. Map Users and start transfer!

Scenario 1 – PC to PC via Network

Use the following commands to silently install PCmover Profile Migrator:


pcmoverpm_en.exe /s /v” /qn”


Scenario 2 – PC to PC File Based

Use the following commands to silently install and launch PCmover Profile Migrator:


pcmoverpm_en.exe /s /v” /qn LL_PCM_LAUNCH=1”


Scenario 3 – Restoring Hard Drive data onto New PC

Use the following commands to silently install and launch PCmover Profile Migrator with minimal interaction:


pcmoverpm_en.exe /s /v” /qn LL_PCM_MINUI=1”


$29.95 | 23,95€ | £20.95

$99 | 79€ | £69

$169 | 139€ | £119

$399 | 319€ | £279

Inquire about custom licensing

Work with Laplink Corporate Employees 24/7!

30-day Refund Policy

If you are having issues with your transfer, work with our Technical Support. If we can’t get your data moved over how you want it, we’ll cover your next transfer Free!

You have 30 days from the time of activation to receive a refund for your purchase of PCmover. Note that we do require that you work with our Technical Support team in order to qualify for a full refund.

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